A 21st Century Global Crendential and Common Currency for International Higher Education

About Specializations

Specializations deliver targeted and market-relevant knowledge in high demand fields of global interest.

They provide students focused learning at the intersection of information and application, distilled and contextualized by renowned scholars.

Specializations, which are breakthrough in knowledge delivery, equip learners with expertise previously attainable only through a much greater commitment of time and resources.

The Mission of Academic Partnerships

Increase global access to the best universities in the world AP accomplishes this mission through a global network of universities that provide their students Specializations as a more efficient and less expensive way to attain applicable knowledge and a credential from the world’s most respected institutions.

“Specializations are designed to optimize time and minimize cost. The integrity of Specializations is based on the indisputable competence and expertise of their course authors, the reputation of the institutions that grant them, and the content’s alignment with the market.” - Dr. Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

Globalization of Higher Education

Globalization is the most important trend in higher education. With over 200 million higher education students worldwide and an intensely competitive global job market, there is a clear demand for specialized programs of study from the world’s premier universities. Academic Partnerships (AP) is helping its partner universities lead the global movement in higher education through the development of Specializations.

In the spring of 2014, AP convened leaders of top U.S. and international universities, political leaders, cultural thought leaders, influencers, and dignitaries from the United States and around the world to discuss and develop a framework for the Globalization of Higher Education. www.globalizationofhighereducation.com

Conference Presenters and Speakers

  • Dr. Caroline Levander Rice University – Point of View
  • John Wilton Vice Chancellor University of California at Berkeley
  • Florida International: Dr. Mark Rosenberg
  • Panel Discussion Insights from Leaders in Higher Education
  • Lord John Eatwell President – Queens’ College, University of Cambridge
  • Ambassador Robert Zoellick Former President of The
    World Bank
  • Thomas Friedman Bestselling author & New York
    Times columnist
  • Dr. Fareed Zakaria CNN host & Time editor-at-large
  • Naledi Pandor Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa

Global Service Hubs

Through recruitment and service hubs around the world, Academic Partnerships supports the distribution of Specializations through Host universities.

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AP Open Network makes it possible, for the first time, for top universities to serve vast numbers of students globally. It is the world’s first fully integrated, global student engagement and course delivery system. It allows students to self-register, accepts payments in local currencies, delivers courses in multiple languages, assesses students, has built in test security and reports on student performance.

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